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DONALD S. SCHWARTZ "The Professor"
The Original Creator of the Weekend "Crash Review" Concept

My experience teaching exam prep started at age 16 when instructing the math portion at my father’s real estate 1973 I was selected as the first instructor for Century 21 for their Northern California locations. Shortly after, in 1974, I had the opportunity to own the local Red Carpet Franchise Schools.  However, wanting to provide Exam Prep for all Brokerages, in 1975, I created the California School of Real Estate at which I still remain as the active Head Instructor.
Traditionally classes were taught once a week over a 12 week period, taking up to 3 months to complete.  I knew preparing for any exam required short term retention (cramming).  So, in 1976, I was the first to offer statewide the Weekend Crash Course.  It quickly became so popular I expanded to offer it in 8 major cities around the state. I needed others to also teach, but soon discovered what I taught was so specialized even the top brokers weren’t capable of doing it.  So when possible, I taught them all myself.  As I had always wanted to provide all my students the best and most effective program, when the technology became available, I put my full lecture on VIDEO and made myself available nearly 24/7 for consultation or questions.  The results have been so incredible, I am the only program willing to offer you DOUBLE YOUR MONEYBACK  if your fail!
You can obtain all the same benefits and much more right there in your own home, office or virtually anywhere on any device that has internet access…with the added benefits of; watching at your convenience, stopping, starting and rewinding for better comprehension..and getting access to the top instructor when needed.
No traveling, attending while tired, having no opportunity to review any information you miss in class, no talking and whispering around you, coughing, sneezing, or irrelevant questions wasting class time…
Not sure I can deliver the results? Fine, call me on my private school line anytime 24/7 and I can answer any questions about the state exam and my program with no pressure…

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I only specialize in the California Real Estate Sales Agent and Brokers exams and not nothing else.

I provide information focused to the state exam in the form of a “unique” 178-page Exam Review Guide.

I have a program that includes Video/DVD, so you can simply watch and learn from the convenience of anywhere you choose.

I offer more materials and options in my program including the most complete “online” study program.

I offer a one of a kind “Lightning Review Audio/CD”, you listen to on the way to the state exam.

Compare prices with all others and you will find you will get the most value for you money.

I  have the Best Money Back Guarantee, offering to pay you DOUBLE your money back if you fail.

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​I now include at no extra cost, a program that will give you an important added “EDGE” to passing your state exam, it's called Drive and Prep!

Failure of the State Exam is simply due to lack of study time. People normally busy with after-work duties and time spent with family have found themselves suddenly forced to use that necessary and valuable time to now study. Drive and Prep allows time normally wasted while driving to now be used to properly prepare for the exam… while preserving that normal lifestyle. Consists of nearly 14 hours of jammed packed audio information.The only program that allows you to...

“Study While You Drive”
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After going through our program, passing the state exam
and getting your actual real estate license, you will be able to get your career off to a blazing start by going through your first basic Sales Agent Training. This will make you much more valuable to get hired as you interview with potential
Real Estate Brokerages. After enrolling in our Sales Agent Online Program, we will send you a special promo code that
will allow you to access this extremely comprehensive program called:  “JUST STARTING OUT AS A REAL ESTATE AGENT”. 

Anyone going to the PAM site and ordering this program would have to pay full retail price, however we have negotiated a very special arrangement in which when enrolling in our program you will be able to receive it for absolutely FREE! ($49 retail value)


In the event of a failure of the state exam, under the terms of our "200% Money Back Guarantee," the school refunds the full cost (100%) of the student's cost of the program and refunds an additional (100%), Paying double your money back. 

Refund Procedure: If failing, the student must, within 10 days from taking the State Exam, do the following: (1) Send the school a copy failure notice (2) If purchased a program that included harcopy versions, Return all the program materials to the school (shipping paid by student - the cost or returning DVDs, CD and booklets is minimal). After completing steps 1 and 2
(if applicable), the school will, within 14 days, send a full refund to the student. Send to California School of Real Estate, Attn: Refund Dept. 18471 Apricot Way, Castro Valley, CA 94546. 

Alternative to Refund: Students may also retain the materials and continue to study (or keep passcode active if just purchased the Online Program
). Over the years of our family providing this program, our students have rarely failed. Those that have (2% to 3% a year), had proven to have done so as a result of having taken their exams prematurely before completing the suggested study procedure.

If, for some reason, a student retakes the state exam for a second time and fails again, the school will continue to honor the refund.