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Failure of the State Exam is simply due to lack of study time. People normally busy with after-work duties and time spent with family have found themselves suddenly forced to use that necessary and valuable time to now study. Drive and Prep allows time normally wasted while driving to now be used to properly prepare for the exam… while preserving that normal lifestyle. Consists of nearly 14 hours of jammed packed audio information.The only program that allows you to...

“Study While You Drive”


In the event of a failure of the state exam, under the terms of our "200% Money Back Guarantee," the school refunds the full cost (100%) of the student's cost of the program and refunds an additional (100%), Paying double your money back. 

Refund Procedure: Students must take their state exam within 6 weeks from the date of enrollment. If failing, the student must, within 10 days from taking the State Exam, do the following: (1) Send the school a copy failure notice along with student’s signed form, attesting to having completed the entire study procedure prior to taking their exam; and (2) If purchased a program that included harcopy versions, Return all the program materials to the school (shipping paid by student - the cost or returning DVDs, CD and booklets is minimal). After completing steps 1 and 2
(if applicable), the school will, within 14 days, send a full refund to the student. Send to California School of Real Estate, Attn: Refund Dept. 18471 Apricot Way, Castro Valley, CA 94546. 

Alternative to Refund: Students may also retain the materials and continue to study (or keep passcode active if just purchased the Online Program
). Over the years of our family providing this program, our students have rarely failed. Those that have (2% to 3% a year), had proven to have done so as a result of having taken their exams prematurely before completing the suggested study procedure.

If, for some reason, a student retakes the state exam for a second time and fails again, the school will continue to honor the refund.